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Spa Packs, Salt Water &

Purification Systems

Salt water hot tub chlorine generators make your own chlorine out of salt you add to your spa AUTOMATICALLY! Not only is it low maintenance but the water even feels better. 


We also carry spa packs and purification systems for Watkins Hotsprings Spas, Caldera Spas, Sundance Spas, Coleman Spa, Marquis and Cal Spas.  


If your heater is broken or your controls are not working you may need to purchase a new spa pack.  These packs have hook ups for Ozone, light, circular pump, up to 3 jet pumps and stereo.  They come with a digital spa side control that has economy heating.  

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How To Clean Your Hot Tub

Importance of Water Maintenance

Water maintenance is one of the most important things to remember as a hot tub owner.  Think about the water you take a bath in, would you leave that water in your tub and take a bath after everyone has bathed in it? I hope the answer is a big fat NO!  With this as an example you can see why it’s so important to drain and clean your hot tub. Your average size bath tub holds roughly 50 gallons of water. An average size hot tub holds about 400 gallons. There is not a big difference here. Plus, the water is HOT, hence the term “hot” tub. Hot water is great at extracting our body’s natural…naturalness. Oils, lotions, dirt, makeup, and all other sorts of things we have on our bodies. This can turn your hot tub into a breeding ground for bad bacteria really fast.

This would be why water maintenance is so important.  The bathtub is drained after every use and the hot tub is not.  Using chemicals and natural cleaning products and draining your hot tub will kill any form of bad bacteria in your water. You can keep your water properly balanced (pH and alkalinity) and clear this will help to keep it clean and sanitized. In addition to using the proper maintenance products, you should drain your hot tub every 3-4 months, depending on how much and how many people use it.

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