EVAC Botanical Rodent Repellent
Two 2.5oz Pouches

Rodents love to nest in pool heaters/pumps and spa housings. EVAC can deter rodents and prevent costly damage to wiring and motors

EPA-registered rodent repellent made with balsam fir oil
Contains (2) 2.5oz pouches in each blister package
For use in pump houses, spa cabinets, stored pool covers, heater cabinets, and more

A reduced risk "Green" product that deters rodents, does not kill them

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EVAC Botanical Rodent Repellent

  • EVAC is an EPA-registered rodent repellent made with balsam fir oil as the active ingredient and fragrance oil and plant fibers to comprise the remaining formulation. The product has a strong pine-like aroma that has been proven to be repellant to rodents. It comes in a granular form packaged in 2.5 ounce pouches. EVAC is considered a reduced-risk “green’’ biologically-based product that requires no signal word such as “Caution”.
    Use EVAC anywhere potential rodent nests and infestations could be likely:
    Pump houses
    Inside spa housings
    Inside stored pool covers
    Inside pool houses
    Any closed, non-living area where rodents may next
    The strong aroma can be also somewhat overpowering to some individuals, so do not apply packets into areas of a structure that are regularly occupied.
    EVAC's granular material is packaged in easy-to-use 2.5-oz pouches.
    Your Pest Managment Professional can easily add EVAC to your quarterly service visits. Because an EVAC pouch is simply placed in each potential rodent nesting area, it's just a matter of them placing and leaving these pouches on service visits.
    EVAC can also be left behind with usage instructions by your Pest Management Professional.