The cell simply drapes over the side of the spa into the water and the spa doesn’t even have to be on when the Controlomatic D.O. is making chlorine.  Requires a GFCI 110 VAC outlet that is within ten feet of the spa and has a rain-tight protective cover.

Controlomatic D.O.

  • Requirements:
    Spas & Hot Tubs To 1000 Gallons
    Chlorine production 30 grams per day
    110/220 VAC Outlet That is GFCI Protected
    Weather Protection Required At Power Source

    Included In Purchase:
    10' Power supply cord, 10’ Cell supply cord
    Control box with 3 buttons, 4 lights
    Low 5Vdc power 110/220 vac power supply
    Salt & Chlorine Test Strips, 10 tests each
    1-Year Limited Warranty
    Owners Manual and cable clips